The Ultimate Software For Finding High Profit Products To Resell On Amazon
FBA Wizard makes finding profitable products as easy as cake!
A Full-Stack Suite Of Tools To Find Winning Inventory To Resell On Amazon

Store Scanner

Search any of 1000 stores and categories then get on with your day. Our powerful scanners will find arbitrage opportunities and send you a handy email with the results.

Filter Data

Looking for results of greater than 20% ROI or sales rank below 100000? Our intuitive filters make it easy to sort through the products that will move the needle on your business.

Wholesale Search

Upload a wholesale manifest to our powerful system & let Wizard Sourcing quickly analyse the products to show you profitable product lines you could sell.

Reverse Lookup

Look the other way from Amazon products back to the hundreds of of source sites for profitable items. We invented this way of searching so others you see advertising it are merely copy cats!

Training & Support

We offer 24/7 UK based support & a full training library so you can get up to speed with selling on Amazon + learning the software. If you get stuck then we'll help you back on track fast.

See our customers using FBA Wizard in action!

We also give you ALL the tools & training to profit from selling on Amazon FAST...!
The Wizard X File
The Unreleased Zero To Income Training
The WizardX File is a special unreleased training with founder Shaun Mitchell showing you the step by step blueprint for getting your first Amazon sales & income in 30-60 days by finding products selling cheap and "flipping" them for a profit on Amazon. You will see the tactics and steps you need to follow to make this whole thing work in a fully automated fashion.
Full FBA Wizard Access
Automate The Entire Business For Passive Income
Get access to FBA Wizard for 14 days free (cancel at any time) and use it to automate all your product finding based on the training you receive in the courses above. This is the exact tool that powers all the 4,5, and 6 figure per month Amazon sellers you've seen and you will be able to find products exactly the same using this software!
WizardBar Software Access
Avoid Bad Products & Pick Winners Everytime
The final tool you need in your arsenal, WizardBar shows the products that are going to be hot "winners" and the products that will just sit collecting dust in Amazons warehouse.  This is an essential training wheels for new sellers and you'll have it completely free for 14 days.
This Is A Full Unreleased Training + Software Bundle For Launching A Profitable Amazon Business In 30-60 Days...
  •  The Proven Strategies
  •  The Tools, Cheatsheets & Swipe Files
  •  The Products To Choose
  •  The Training To Pick Stuff Thats Gonna Sell Fast
  •  How To Get Your First Sales & Income In 15-30 Days
This Is £399 Worth Of Training, Cheat Sheets, Swipe Files and 
Software You Get For Free 
Just For TRYING FBA Wizard
Cancel At ANY Time Without Paying A Penny
and KEEP The Training As Our Free Thank You Gift... 
Just £67.00 month afterwards

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Amazon account will I need?
You will need an Amazon Pro Seller account in order to connect with Wizard Sourcing correctly.  This is a paid subscription with Amazon that enables you to be a business seller on the platform.
How often is the app updated?
We have a large team of developers adding new sites & ensuring the app is up and running all the time.  The app is now over 6 years old so is very reliable, well tested and loved by users.
What are your Terms, Conditions and Privacy policy?
We respect your personal information and data security. Our terms & conditions, and privacy policy can be found in the footer of this page, and encompass general usage terms, and privacy details including your rights under the GDPR. 
Do you offer yearly plans?
Yes! You’ll save between 15 and 25% depending on the yearly plan you choose. Or if you would prefer to start small, we also offer monthly plan options.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes there is no contract, you can cancel anytime from directly in the application dashboard.  There are no fees to cancel your subscripiton.
How easy is it to use?
The app is very easy to use, and we also supply new users with a free video training library so that they can learn how to master the software as well as get the most out of selling on Amazon.
What device and browser is best suited to FBA Wizard?
Wizard Sourcing is best used on a desktop computer, or tablet, using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers. Chrome seems to contain the most amount of symbiotic Amazon FBA related extensions, so most use this.
What software do I need to install?
None! Our software is run completely on our servers (in the cloud). You can even start a search, close your computer, and open a different computer later in the day to check your results.

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