How To Find Products To Sell On Amazon, Like Magic

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Finding hot products is as easy as can be

We add new features & sourcing options every single week.

Step 1 : Pick a retailer

Pick a retailer from our huge database, select a preset for the kinda products you wanna sell such as toys, electronics etc and hit ‘scan’.

FBA Wizard is powerful enough to scan through thousands of products very quickly that would take you literally days to achieve.

When you signup today, you’ll get instant access to our 700+ retailers so you can start finding profitable opportunities to resell just minutes from now! 

Step 2 : Review results

We show you all of the core data points needed to make informed decisions, like profit margin, how fast a products sells, and any restrictions.

As FBA Wizard is built by sellers who live and breathe online arbitrage, we know the important stuff you need to know.

This means we make it easy to pick winners and avoid losers in double quick time.  All information is real time and easy to read at a glance even for a new seller, which is a huge time saver!

Step 3 : Build your stack

So you’ve found a bunch of money-making deals, what’s next?

In FBA Wizard you have your own private stack of items, which are kept safe, up-to date and gives you even more key data points.

Once you’re happy, simply go to the retailer and place your order.  The coolest part of this is if the item sells really fast, you can easily reference your Stack and buy more to turbo-charge your business (with zero extra effort!)

The tools you get with FBA Wizard

We add new features & sourcing options every single week.

Retailer Scan

Find products in seconds from 700+ retailers

Wholesale Scan

Upload a wholesale file & find the gold with just a click

Reverse Scan

Search by Amazon category & find deals to resell

eBay Scan

Start selling on eBay with our powerful search engine

Euro Scan

Find products to sell across Europe for big margins

Private Label Scan

Launch your own brand? Find niche opportunities fast

Core Data Points

Our proprietary algorithm shows sales demand

Personal Stack

Build your own personal stack of deals unique to you

Magical 24/7/365 Support

When you join the family, you’re supported every step of the way.

Chat With Us

Need a quick answer? We have chat support members standing by around the clock waiting to help you.

Ongoing Training

We’re always producing new training and tactics to help you stay on the cutting edge of Amazon online arbitrage.

Speak With Real People

Our support is trained to talk to you wherever you need it. We’re on hand for technical help when you need it.

Every membership comes with a “here’s what to click and do” training to get the most out of FBA Wizard quickly…

Our goal here is your success. That’s why our Founder (Shaun Mitchell) has created a mega course to come with your membership. This course breaks down exactly how to use the software to maximise the money you make.

  • How to get started with your first scan in minutes
  • How to find your first money making products fast
  • Expert tips, guides and walkthroughs to take you from complete beginner to Wizard level user

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