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How to Use The Software:
"How-To" Scan
Scan is a great way to source products from our supported retailers list.  It instantly compares the store price with the Amazon price, and if it finds profitable items it will add them to your results.

Scans can last anything from a few minutes, up to 12 hours depending how many products are in the search parameters you've chosen.

We've even prepared presets to make life easier!

Watch the video below for a run down of the different scan options and what all the elements on the results page mean.
"How-To" Euro
Euro is our favourite feature inside of Wizard PRO!  Source from Amazon UK > Send back to Amazon UK > List in Europe for bigger profits.

The principle is rock solid and you'll soon discover a ton of great items that sell quickly for solid profits.

We recommend to use Euro first for all new members so you can find AT LEAST your subscription back in profit which essentially pays for your software for the rest of the month!

Watch the video below for a run down of the Euro sourcing model and how to list in Euro marketplaces.
"How-To" Reverse
Reverse is the "bulk scan" feature inside of FBA Wizard PRO, allowing you to search from Amazon across over 4000+ different retailers in one go.

The key to success with this feature is to be imaginative with keywords and category choices, and with the huge depth of Amazon's catalogue it's really easy to get away from the crowds!

Watch the video below to become a reverse search expert!
"How to" Find Wholesalers & Get Price Lists
Struggling to find wholesalers or they won't give you a price list to run through Wizard Pro?  This is an especially BIG problem with UK wholesalers...

Sometimes it pays to think out side the box, roll up your sleeves and to make your own lists (the key benefit being many others won't have access to your products.

Try some of the tactics in this training now!
"How-To" Merchant Flips Part 2 (Textbook)
This is part 2 of the merchant flips training.

Textbook arbitrage is a fantastic way to add some extra profits in your arbitrage business, but does take a little but of knowledge and has it's own quirks to be aware of...

Many sellers in the US & UK take advantage of textbook flips as a simple way of selling products without a ton of competition from other sellers which is great!

Watch the video below for more information on "Textbook arbitrage". 
"How-To" Private Label Part 1
The next logical step is to start building your own brand on Amazon (called building a Private Label!)

This first video breaks down how to find niche ideas for products that are good sellers and that you may want to do more research and analysis on...

Watch the video below to learn all about PL!
"How-To" Analysis
Finally, you have Stack Analysis, which pulls in a ton of data points into one place.

This makes analysing products that have made the cut from your results to your stack, to see which items have the most potential and are worth further investigation.

You can see the Keepa graph, enter custom price settings, analyse BSR%, European opportunities and a whole bunch more all at the same time.

Watch the video below and become an analysis wizard!
"How-To" Wholesale
Wholesale gives you the opportunity to analyse suppliers price lists within just a few minutes to identify profitable opportunities.

When you find a great item, you can go back time and again for consistent profits for your FBA business.

Watch the video below to learn some expert tips for sourcing with wholesale, learn how to keep your price lists safe and also some tips on finding a great wholesaler too...
"How-To" Merchant Flips Part 1
Merchant Flips are a weird twist on arbitrage where we take advantage of the keenly priced merchant fulfilled seller and flip it back to FBA.

This can be used to great effect on most media items and is a great tool for the more advanced arbitragers out there to grow there sourcing tactics!

Watch the video below for more info on "Merchant Flips". 
"How-To" eBay Scan
New to FBA Wizard Pro is eBay scan, which is a way of finding online arbitrage deals to sell on eBay.

If you're an eBay seller as well as an Amazon seller then the eBay feature will allow you to find inventory that's perfect for sale on eBay from our huge list of retailers.

Please note:  If you're only interested in selling on Amazon, that's 100% fine, this feature is only relevant for those who want to sell on eBay too!

Watch the video below for more information on "eBay Scan". 
"How-To" Private Label Part 2
Part 2 of the Private Label training walks you through the next stage of finding your own private label product.

When you have a niche and product idea you want to look into, it's important to see what the competition on Amazon looks like!

Watch below to learn how to hone in on your competition!
"How-To" Stack
Stack is the home for all of your profitable items that you find with Wizard Pro.

It can be used to remind you of what sold well, and to give you the opportunity to try and source those winning products again using PriceSpy or Idealo.

You can also use the Stack to "paper-trade" deals as part of your arbitrage education, to see if the decisions you would have made would have been good ones...

Watch the video below for more information on "Stack". 
Frequently Asked Questions
What ROI% should I expect from arbitrage?
For online arbitrage where you're automating large parts of the business (and not walking around supermarkets all day like retail arbitrage) a benchmark of 25-30%+ should be used.  When scanning this will give you a broader scope of results that will come in for you and allow you to be more successful.
Why do you need MWS access?
We connect with Amazon MWS which is a 100% secure way for us to get data such as fees and category info.  We can't see all of your listings or change any of your pricing, and we always work strictly within Amazon terms of service!
Can I do FBA if I'm from outside of the UK?
Yes, absolutely!  We have many members based outside of the UK, who use "prep centres" to take delivery of goods from UK stores and then to sell on your UK account.  The great thing about Amazon FBA is it can be run from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!
How can I contact FBA Wizard support?
We have a knowledge base at support.fbawizard.com with most questions answered, and if not you can contact us at that page too (we usually reply within 24 hours, usually much sooner!)
Where do I get my Amazon MWS keys?
If you go to app.fbawizard.co.uk/user/api and click "quick start" in the top right of the page, there's a video explaining everything!  It takes less than 2 minutes to do and sets your account up forever.
What about the "flips" search feature?
We're still working on ways to find a consistent approach for Amazon UK to Amazon UK flips, and as soon as we figure it out we'll record a training video for it... in the meantime, have a play around with it!
Have you got any other training for me?
Yes, we have training on our YouTube channel and Blog for various aspects of Amazon FBA.  For stuff like preparing Amazon shipments etc, YouTube is a great free starting point!
Where do I get that thing that shows monthly sales etc?
That cool little gadget is called "WizardBar" and you can get your copy from here!  It will greatly speed up research speed, help you to avoid the "losers" and to only pick the "winners"!
I have a feature/site suggestion for Wizard Pro?
Great... this software is built just for you so send your suggestion to [email protected] and you'll usually see it implemented in the not too distant future!!! :)
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